1. Internship Opportunity
    At Skynet, we believe that the fresh graduate should be given an opportunity to have a feel of the actual working environment before graduate, as such, we are given internship opportunity for those interested to eventually develop their career in logistics industry.

    Interested to join us as an intern, please contact us via the inquiry form.

  2. Benefits of working in Skynet
    • Competitive pay package
    • Annual Bonus
    • Medical benefits
    • Staff Discount
    • Career Advancement Opportunity
    • Annual Leave
    • Education Opportunity at discounted price
    • Annual Dinner
    • Opportunity to be relocated to various branches in Malaysia

  3. Industry partnership
    At Skynet, we are constantly looking for an opportunity to work with the local higher educational institutions in advising the relevancy of the course syllabus, guest speaker, site visit, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you are keen to explore the possibility of working together with Skynet for a betterment of the fresh graduate.
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