Skynet APIs

Skynet APIs

Terms of Use


The Skynet APIs made available on this site are provided solely at the discretion of Skynet without warranty of any kind, and Skynet may change, suspend, or cancel any or all features or functions of the Skynet APIs or revise the web site at any time. Any production use of or commercialization of applications containing any APIs provided on this web site is prohibited without a written agreement between your company and Skynet governing such activities.

These APIs are provided on a self-serve basis. No technical assistance will be provided to link these APIs to your Application. By using any of these APIs, you have understood and agree to be bound by Skynet's API Terms of Use (the "Terms"), which may be amended from time to time. If you don’t agree to the changes, you may stop using the APIs.

You may use these APIs if

  1. your Application DOES NOT make more than 10,000 daily calls to an API.
  2. your Application DOES NOT rely on access to the APIs as a fundamental aspect of your business.
  3. your Application DOES NOT target current or potential paying customers of Skynet or people engaging in activities related to Skynet


Access to this API is available to you as a term customer of Skynet. Use of this API is purely optional and is subject to restrictions stated in the Terms & Conditions of Skynet. If you wish to connect a third-party service using this API, you will be required to submit written consent to Skynet to authorize the exchange of data with the third-party service.

Once you have successfully registered an Application and met the other requirements for a particular API, you will be given the necessary credentials to access that API. All activities that occur using those access credentials are your responsibility.


You must not:

  1. Harm Skynet and its subsidiaries;
  2. Provide the APIs or Access Credentials to unauthorized personnel;
  3. Impersonate or misrepresent Skynet;
  4. Use the APIs or Content for illegal purposes;
  5. Remove any proprietary notices from our materials;
  6. Use more Content than your Application needs;
  7. Distribute Content to anybody other than your Application’s users;
  8. Use the Content for any other purpose other than for your users to use in your Application;
  9. Use data from the APIs or Services for advertising or mass messaging;
  10. Express or imply that your Application or your use of Content is sponsored by Skynet;
  11. Use the APIs in an abusive way;
  12. Disrupt or interfere with the Services or our systems;
  13. Obfuscate Skynet elements from your users;
  14. Modify any of our materials;
  15. Use Content to facilitate bias;
  16. Exceed API call limits;
  17. Allow access to the standalone APIs;
  18. Combine any Content retrieved via the APIs with other Skynet content;
  19. Attempt to re-identify anonymized data;
  20. Scrape Content from the Services.
  21. Include inappropriate content in your Application; or
  22. Commingle Content with third party data.

You must not capture, copy or store any Content or any information expressed by the Content (such as hashed or transformed data), except to the extent permitted by these Terms.

You must store all Content in a manner which enables you to identify, segregate and selectively delete such Content. The Content must not be stored in a data repository that would enable any third party access.

Rights Skynet Reserves

Although we make reasonable efforts to support the APIs, we have no obligation to do so. We have no obligation to provide any training or support to your customers. If we change any of the APIs in the future, your continued use implies that you agree to any changes made.